Before Borders, There Was


Global Reset


Earth’s Voluntary Jurisdiction


Create agreements in any code of law using normal language, on your desktop or mobile device, assisted by artificial lawyers.


Find smart contracts written by experts, and confirm your agreements on popular blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Call upon arbitrators to settle disagreements. Specify your arbitrator in advanced, or pull from a community you trust later.


Users, arbitrators, and smart contract writers earn their reputation in the form of non-tradeable tokens.

Initial Token Offering - Summer 2017


Foundation of a Borderless Society

Virtual Nations

Beyond just creating agreements, PANGEA can be used to create virtual nations, each with its own code of law and system of governance. Decentralized organizations are revolutionizing how humans and machines work together.

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PANGEA is a platform for people, decentralized organizations, and virtual nations to make agreements, pool resources, and exchange wealth. This web of voluntary transactions creates a competitor to the globalist system currently in place.

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Open World

Virtual nations will make existing governments compete or become obsolete, by providing services to citizens with the efficiency and transparency that only decentralized organizations can provide. Geographic apartheid's end is in sight.

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Using a Slack-like interface, arbitrators can review disputes and request additional evidence before making a decision. Power users can choose from or contribute to a marketplace of community reviewed smart contracts.

Furthermore the desktop client can be used to create virtual nations, and their subcomponents, "holons" - chatrooms with organizational functionalities built in.

(Alpha currently for Linux and Mac)

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Conversations, not Lawyers

Creating a new agreement is as easy as starting a chat with your business partner and adding a PANGEA chatbot. The chatbot acts as an artificial lawyer and notary public, prompting the users to specify the information necessary for the agreement.

The agreement can be notarized on a blockchain, which provides a timestamp and signature without posting the content. This chat conversation and corresponding contract will only be visible to an arbitrator if one of the participants wants to dispute the transaction.

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Introducing Panthalassa

Named after the super ocean that once surrounded PANGEA, Panthalassa is a blend of decentralized protocols.

  • Conversations can be stored using a gossip network based on Secure Scuttlebutt, forming the world's first quantum resistant mesh network.
  • Larger files such as photographic evidence are stashed on the Inter-Planetary File System.
  • Blockchains are used to execute and verify contracts; keeping only a minimal amount of information public.
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  • Secure Scuttlebutt
  • Panthalassa
  • Rootstock
  • React.JS
  • Inter-Planetary File System
  • Ether
  • Bitcoin

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Earth's First Virtual Nation

ɃitNation is a liquid holocracy:

a hybrid of centralized and distributed power,

Citizens need not ask permission to change the world.

Pangea facilitates the creation of self-sovereign holons.

Other holons are already at work transforming reality.